1.What types of plans do you offer?
We provide packages for companies selling products (eCommerce) and companies selling services (non-eCommerce).
Our ecommerce packages range from $21.99/$39.99/$99.99
Our non-ecommerce packages range from $9.99/$19.99/$59.99
Free plans (non-eCommerce and eCommerce) with limited functionality
You can build your own site through our very easy-to-use web-builder application, or if you would prefer to have our team of professional designers do it for you, we offer different plans for this as well, with a once-off cost as follows:
2.What marketing tools do you offer?
We have a range of marketing tools that are available to our members. These include (amongst others):
* Search Engine Optimization tools (allowing you to enter keywords and phrases for each page of your site for indexing by the major search engines) * Product feeds to the major shopping sites on the web according to their plans and structure (e.g. Shopping.com, Shopzilla, Pricegrabber.com, Amazon.com, etc). This puts your products in front of millions of potential customers each month. * A range of pre-built marketing tools that you can include into your site. E.g. Various discounting options, product reviews, product ratings, Featured Products and Best Sellers, cross-promotion tools, 10 images per product, product zoom, product enlarge, photo galleries with a lightbox feature, etc. * Animated marketing banners for the homepage and internal pages, with the ability to add marketing messages in those animated images. * Free access to the OnlyBusiness.com shopping marketplaces and sales outlets, with dedicated marketplaces for B2B and B2C companies. * Free access to the OnlyBusiness.com Auction marketplace. * Free access to the OnlyBusiness.com Tradelead marketplace, dedicated marketplaces for B2B companies. * Free access to the OnlyBusiness.com Entrepreneur Community. * Promotion of your company and your products and services through the OnlyBusiness.com marketing campaign. * The ability to create business networking groups and private business communities on OnlyBusiness.com. * Spotlights of various companies and their products on the OnlyBusiness.com website as Featured Members and Featured Products. We also allow members to create private client login areas (knows as extranet accounts) for their end-customers, to be used as private file repositories per customer. This allows the members to create direct and close personal business relationships with their customers and makes the management of their accounts much easier.
3.Do you provide services for Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) businesses?
Yes. We offer specialized products and services for both B2B and B2C companies. For example, we allow B2B companies to accept ‘on account’ purchases and transactions (through Purchase Orders) as well as to receive inquiries on products through an ‘Inquiry Cart’. We also provide a full B2B tradelead engine and a dedicated B2B shopping marketplace. For B2C companies, we allow secure credit card purchases for products as well as providing a dedicated B2C shopping marketplace. Members can also have 3 different levels of wholesaler pricing, allowing different groups of buyers to log in to your site and view the pricing of each product according to their specific wholesaler discounting rate.
4.I need a website for my company which offers services only. I don’t want to sell products, can I build a website using your service?
Absolutely. You can build any type of website for any type of business on Orangewebsolutions.com. Just choose the Non-Ecommerce package when you sign-up.
5.What if I already have a business website?
* Orangewebsolutions.com takes the approach that, even if you have another business website, what you are doing is giving additional markets and customers another place to buy your products. This is similar to a company with multiple retail outlets.
* To keep consistency, you can use a slight variation on your current web address, for the web address of your OnlyBusiness.com website. Alternatively, you could simply use the default web address provided to you by OnlyBusiness.com.
* Another option is that members create their profile to show a brand and look-and-feel consistency between their current website and their OnlyBusiness.com profile. They can then create a direct link to their OnlyBusiness.com profile from their current website. With that, members can enjoy all of the benefits of membership to the OnlyBusiness.com community and marketplace as well as the OnlyBusiness.com suite of tools and services, directly linked to their current website.
* OnlyBusiness.com offers the latest in web 2.0 technology, with a robust backend and a large suite of tools to create stunning front-end designs. Using our system is great way to upgrade your current website design and overall functionality

6.Can I use my own Domain Name?
Yes. Our paid membership packages actually include a free personalized domain name (e.g. www.yourcompany.com). If you already have your own domain name, you can simply arrange for your domain name, you can forward it to your OnlyBusiness.com web address and all of your site visitors will only see your domain name when they come to your website on OnlyBusiness.com. Click here for instructions on how to point your own personalized domain.
7.Do you provide a website address when I sign-up for your service?
Yes, every member is automatically given a sub-domain when they sign-up. For example – www.yourcompany.Orangewebsolutions.com
8.Do you provide hosting for my website?
Yes, OnlyBusiness.com provides world class hosting to all members when they sign-up. This includes lighting fast server speed and bandwidth. There is also no hosting setup you will need to go through. Once you build and publish your website, it will automatically be live on the web.
9.Can I customize the design of my store?
Absolutely! We have advanced design tools allowing you to customize the look and feel of your website. This includes building stunning flash menus and banners as well as an easy and intuitive drag and drop interface to control your site content and imagery.
10.Do I need to understand coding or have any technical requirements to build my website?
Not at all. The great advantage of OnlyBusiness.com is that it allows anyone to build a website without any technical knowledge at all. Just use our easy drag and drop interface to manage your website, including all content and products.
11.How am I notified of new orders or potential leads / inquires that I receive from my website?
All notifications are sent to the email address you register with. We also store all your order / inquiry details in your control panel, so you can easily manage your critical business communication.
12.Do you provide Email addresses for my business?
Yes, if you register for your free domain on our system (all paid plans come with a free domain name), you will receive 10 free email boxes. This includes an advanced web-mail system and / or easy setup for any mail software you use, i.e Microsoft Outlook..etc.
13.How do I accept Credit Card orders for products I’m selling on my website?
All the major Credit Card Processors / Payment Gateways are built in to OnlyBusiness.com. These include – Authorize.net, Paypal, Google Checkout, 2checkout and others. All that you will need to do is sign-up for a merchant account and then simply enter your account details and your store is ready to accept credit cards in real-time!
14.Is the Orangewebsolutions.com Community and Marketplace compatible with all browsers and Operating System platforms?
* Yes. All site updates are easily managed through out Content Management System (CMS) which is accessed through the control panel.
* The OnlyBusiness.com website and system supports all Internet Explorer versions from 5.5 up on Windows, and Netscape 7.1, Mozilla Firefox 1.4, Opera 9.x, Safari (all versions above 1.3) or any other browser with an equivalent gecko layout engine on any platform where these browsers are available. This includes Macintosh and Linux.
15.What support do you provide?
We offer 24/7 support to our members. Dependant on the package you purchase, we have a range of support options that you can use. These range from 24/7 phone support, ‘Live Chat’ support and ‘Trouble Ticket’ support.
We also offer full Help guides and other support tools to assist and guide you through the process of using the system. These include Video Tutorials, How It Works tools and online demo’s of the system.
16.What management tools do you offer through your administrative control panel?
Our admin control panel allows members to manage all aspects of their website and online business. This includes the following:
* Website design management
* Content management
* Order management
* Customer management
* Management of online catalog and products - (product details, pricing, inventory etc).
* Discounting and promotion management
* Wholesaler management
* Management of business network
* Auction management
* Tradelead management
* Management of all web marketing tools
* Management of all system messages and notifications
* Management of your membership account
17.Is your site secure and will my website offer complete security for my customers?
Orangewebsolutions.com is extremely secure, and applies security at a number of different levels:
* All transactions on our site occur with a Secure SSL Certificate. * Each of our members eCommerce sites automatically come with a shared SSL Security Certificate built into their site.
* OnlyBusiness.com does not store ANY member or end-customer credit card details. These are held at the Payment Gateway provider and are not accessible through the Orangewebsolutions.com system.
* The OnlyBusiness.com system and all member websites are hosted at a world class hosting facility called ‘Rackspace’ (www.rackspace.com), one of the best web hosts in the world.
* The entire OnlyBusiness.com systems sits behind a dedicated Firewall on a multi-server configuration, with full mirroring and redundancy.
* The OnlyBusiness.com system is backed up on a daily basis.
18.How do I sign up?
The sign-up process is simple and quick:
* Go to Orangewebsolutions.com
* Click on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button on the upper right hand side of the page
* Click on the buttons that ask if you are a B2B or B2C company (or both) and if you want to ‘sell online’ (eCommerce) or you want to ‘get online’ (non-eCommerce). Click ‘Continue’ once you have made your selections.
* Select the plan/package that best meets your needs and the payment period of your membership (you get a discounted rate for longer payment periods) and click on the ‘Signup’ button for your selected plan.
* Complete your Registration process.
* Enter your credit card details.
19.How do I login to my account?
* You need to go to the homepage of www.Orangewebsolutions.com.
* Before you can log in, you also have to ensure that you have already signed up for an account on OnlyBusiness.com.
* In the top right-hand corner, there is a login area that you will use to access your account.
* In this login area, type in the username you selected for your account during sign-up, next to the username text box.
* Then, type in the password you selected for your account during sign-up, next to the password text box.
Click on the ‘Log in’ button below these two text boxes. This will log you in to your account and you will be taken directly to the Control Panel for your account.
20.How do I edit my website?
Once you are logged in to your account and are at your main Control Panel,
* Simply click on the ‘Manage Website’ link that is on your left-hand navigation bar (under the ‘Home’ link). This will take you to the website builder Control Panel.
* You can then click on any of the ‘tabs’ at the top of the page (e.g. select design, change menu, etc) in order to edit all aspects of your website.
At any time you can click on the ‘Preview Now’ button at the top right hand corner in order to view the edits that you are doing to your website. This will show you how your site edits will appear when you decide to save them. However you can view these edits without affecting your ‘live’ site.
21.How do I add/edit products in my Online Catalog?
Once you are in the web builder Control Panel: * Click on the ‘Manage Ecommerce’ tab * This will take you to the Ecommerce Control Panel * Click on the ‘Products’ button on the top row * Click on the ‘Add a New Product’ button * This will bring up the ‘New Product’ interface page * Add in the details into the various text boxes indicated in the Product Interface page * Click on the ‘Add Product’ button when you have filled in your product details. * NOTE 1: You can create ‘Product Options’ for your products (also known as ‘product attributes’ e.g. size, color, style, etc) by clicking on the Product Options’ link in the left navigation bar or by clicking on the Product Options’ button in the central ecommerce Control Panel NOTE 2: You can also ‘Bulk Upload’ products by clicking on the ‘Bulk Import’ link in the left navigation bar and uploading an Excel spreadsheet with all of your product details. You can ‘Bulk Update’ product details by clicking on the ‘Multi Product Update link in the left nav bar or by clicking on the ‘Product Bulk Update’ button in the central ecommerce Control Panel
22.How do I add/edit categories and sub-categories in my Online Catalog?
Once you are in the web builder Control Panel: * Click on the ‘Manage Ecommerce’ tab * This will take you to the Ecommerce Control Panel * Click on the ‘Categories’ button on the top row * Click on the ‘Add a New Category’ button or on the ‘Add a New Sub Category’ button * This will bring up the ‘New Category’ or ‘New Sub Category’ interface page * Add in the details into the various text boxes indicated in the Interface page * Click on the ‘Add Category’ button when you have filled in your category and/or sub-category details
23.How do I change the banner / header images on my homepage?
Once you are logged in to your account and are at your main Control Panel, * Click on the ‘Manage Website’ link that is on your left-hand navigation bar (under the ‘Home’ link). This will take you to the website builder Control Panel. * You then click on any of the ‘change banner’ tab at the top of the page in order to edit the banner of your website homepage. * Once you have determined if you wish to create a new banner through the OnlyBusiness.com ‘banner builder’ tool or if you wish to upload your own banner created previously, you can click on either the ‘Create Your Own Banners’ button (on the left hand side” or you can upload your banner through the relevant browse/upload buttons on the right-hand side of the page.
24.What if I want to cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time and you will not be required to pay for any other month beyond your current month of membership. Once your membership is cancelled, we will then completely remove your site and data from our system.
25.What if my industry or company type is not represented on your system?
Orangewebsolutions.com can be used by ANY business in ANY industry (subject to terms of unauthorized usage for companies that have offensive content on their sites). In terms of the site designs we have on offer, you can select ANY of our base designs and you can customize them completely to meet your company brand and requirements. i.e. change imagery, inclusions, content, etc. In terms of the categories and sub-categories, you can add your company to the category and sub-category that has the closest fit to you OR you can add your company into the ‘Miscellaneous section.
26.Orangewebsolutions.com is also appropriate for more advanced users, where they can use advanced formatting options for their editing (in HTML or design format).
Very advanced users (e.g. web designers and developers) can also download all of the ‘web assets’ of a site design onto their desktop, edit it through their use of design programs (like Photoshop) and their knowledge of HTML and CSS and then re-upload the site onto our system. Their fully customized website can then utilize all of our systems tools and features on the backend, linking seamlessly to their front-end.
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